Oct 24, 2006

Sweedish Fish.

Yes, I was testing the conductivity (or resistance actually) of one Sweedish Fish today. A colleague, reluctantly agreed to hold the multimeter leads while I took this photo.

"c'mon man.. it's for the blog. ...and I'll give you some fish."

I found that the resistance of the fish steadily climbed and almost stabilized at around 50. ohms... which makes me think it has some capacitance. ... interesting.

After measuring 4 fish and calculating the average lengths I have determined, for you, the Sweedish Fish Lover, the average dimensions of one of these soft & chewy candies:

  • Avg Length: 1.195"
  • Avg height: .530" (taken at doral fin area)
  • Avg thickness: .225"

- Mike

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