Oct 24, 2006

Granogue & Wissahickon - 18th & 11th.

This past weekend was the first double race weekend of the season. I’m still too exhausted to give it the proper write up it deserves but it was one of the most intense and demanding weekends of racing so far this season. Both courses were expertly set up and the weather conditions were perfect.

I ended up 18th on Saturday at Granogue. This was the first of the Verge MAC Cylocross Series. The next day at Wissahickon I placed 11th.

I especially enjoyed racing on Sunday. For most of the race Chris M, FAST Marc, Ray B, Todd Hesle and I were constantly battling for 6th through 10th. In the end, I had slipped to the back of this crew and was unable to catch Chris at the line. I’m happy with 11th. I will be shooting for a top 10 finish at the next Verge MAC race though.

I do have to say this: My game was top notch this weekend at both races. No foolish mistakes, no nervous footing/bobbling on barriers and I chose to run a few sections instead of trying to ride them; I saved precious seconds and my results were the better for it.

Below are a few photos of me in pain… having a blast of course. Gina Harshman took these photos and she’s been doing a great job doing so this season.

- Mike

Above: I foolishly gulped a GU packet down 1 minute before the race without any water... I fought hard to keep that down during the first lap.

Above: Chasing Fast Marc

Above: Dippin' & divin' through the switchbacks.

Above: trying not to wash out in the turns.

Above: Crushing the pedals on the finishing stretch. I gapped up to a rider who passed me on the last lap, switched his wheel and crossed the line a length ahead of him.

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