May 24, 2006

This made my day.

Every once in a while I get a little comment from somewhere out there in the world wide web about my site. It's nice to hear that people are actually looking at it you know. This morning I received a HUGE compliment. Totally made my day! Below are excerpts from the e-mail I received:

"While you could have chosen many different subjects to document, you decided to choose the best invention ever. You show a real appreciation of simplicity and deliberate design of the bicycle. Every cyclist has at one point looked at his ride in a certain light and fallen half in love with it. You recorded that feeling.

I don't know if you have already done it, but you have the makings of a very good gallery show (and are on your way to a nice photo book). Let me know if you ever decide to do either one.

Keep it up!


Thanks Robb!

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