May 2, 2006

This hurt... ... a lot.

I really destroyed my right leg today, after work, on my way to Trinacria's to pick up some cheese... (yes, all for the glory of cheese - well worth it) While trying to get my right foot clipped in, I slipped off the outside of my Candy C's and the pedal ran it's way maliciously up the inside of my shin. - I know whatcher' thinking and NO... I DID NOT shriek out like a little sissy boy. ... really. I sucked it up and pedaled on with aching burning agony! It was not just a scape but it bruised the bejeebies out of my entire shin and left me with charlie horse like pain for a good 3 blocks. Such is life I suppose. It's better than a crash eh. Isn't it funny how even though you've been riding & racing since 9th grade you still manage to look like a total rookie every once in a while?

I got to Trinacria's and they were closed for some reason. They close at 5. I stood at their door at 4:40, very disappointed. Oh well. Off to Eddies for overpriced mozzarella. The things you do for cheese.

I haven't ridden my road bike in ages (two weeks). I've been on the fixed and on the cross bike a lot. Today I put my Candy C's on the road bike and took her to work. Man she's fast. Fast and light. I missed her. It's fun to switch up your ride just for the joy of a noticeable difference between one another. I felt like a Super Pro hammerin' (gently hammering my herniated self) to work and around downtown Baltimore today. I love my K2.

My K2 is quickly becoming my beater bike.-Mike

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megA said...

i don't think it looks rookie--it looks badass! now you just need a good story about saving a puppy from a drug lord in a knifefight. . .