May 15, 2006

Lots of news....

So, tons of good stuff has been happening lately. Let's see... where to start... where to start. Let's start with my guts. I had my hernia repair surgery on Thursday May 11th. That went all fine and dandy; stuffed my guts back in, stapled some mesh onto my stomach muscles to help keep em' in and then stitched me back up. I'm still in some pain; hurts to bend over, stand up from sitting and sit down from standing but I'm recovering fast. Should be back on the bike in just a couple more weeks.

We moved into our new place on Sunday with the help of my girlfriend's parents and a moving company. The new place is beautiful. A nice loft right in the heart of Mt.Vernon. The pictures below show it before we actually moved in. My girlfriend and I moved in the day of my surgery and I recovered there while she finished packing the last tidbits of our old apartment in preparation for the moving company. So now our place is entirely filled with boxes of stuff. We're gettin' er' all unpacked and set up nicey nice though. My girlfriend is working hard... I'm doing a lot of pointing and suggesting while she does the hard work. (no lifting for me yet)

Below are a bunch of pictures to show off just how much room we have... (Muhahahaaaaa!)

ps: A few great features of our new pad:

  • polished diamond plate steel floor
  • all new kitchen (fridge, oven, microwave, disposal)
  • breakfast bar
  • washer/dryer
  • recessed zonal lighting (on dimmers!)
  • central air
  • exposed brick, beams & rafters
  • 13 windows
  • wood floor


David said...

Nice pad. Make sure you post some "after" pictures as well.

denS + Lin said...

You could put a regulation bowling alley lane in that place....>Duck Pins...isn't Duck Pins big in Charm City???
Any way really nice looking place. Shinny an New...
Get well sooner.