Feb 19, 2006

Saturday's Alleycat.

Yesterday was cold... damn cold. And damned windy too. But we still congregated at Ground Zero for Aylen's Choose Your Own Adventure Alleycat. Messengers from all around came to Baltimore and duked it out on just about every inch of the city. The race was great, the people were great and the party afterwords was more than great. I didn't capture much racing action but I got a few shots pre-game and a few that I'm happy with from the post-race party. You can check out the whole gallery in the Alleycat Race section of my site or just click this!
Above: Kevin Dillard; photographer, cross racer, good friend.
Above: I like this shot of my friend Bruce from DC. He's been a messenger since 1989; that's awesome.

Above: My girlfriend worked a checkpoint for this race; bless er' heart. She manned her post for 2 hours for us racers but managed to thaw out at the after party.

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