Feb 24, 2006

The 411 on this week...

This week my girlfriend and I have both been really busy. She's taking 18 credits at MICA this semester and I'm working 13 hours /day at two jobs in an effort to get my new DSLR and road bike for this upcoming road/photog season. So, I usually get home around 10:30pm and my girlfriend is usually painting away. (Oh, by the way: check out my easel. I made that puppy out of wood I found in the alleys around my pad. Sweet eh?) It's awesome to date an artist by the way... I get all... "learned" on the stuff I'm interested in by a great source and don't have to go to the library (I've been there once before).

Doris the dog is doing well as usual. She's enjoying life in Mt.Vernon and at MICA also. I hear she's the most happenin' pup on campus. She's one spoiled dog, that's for sure. Must be rough being a dog... all that.... eating... and ... sleeping. Reincarnation never sounded so good.

We did do Aylen's Choose Your Own Adventure Alleycat last weekend though. That was a blast. It was damned cold. I blogged about it in my last post but here are some pictures that my good friend Kevin Dillard took. By the way, go to his site and check out his work. His portraiture is nothing to overlook. His site captures the essence of messenging better than any I've ever seen.

Above: Go check out Kevin's awesome site.

Above: My girlfriend at Ground Zero before the alleycat kicked off. photo by: Kevin Dillard

Above: some ugly bastid. Photo by: Kevin Dillard
Above: Saba, me & John; long time alleycat racers. We rock. Photo by: Kevin Dillard

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