Jan 15, 2006

Keepin' it clean & tight.

If you know me, you know I love my fixed gear. It's simple... no brakes, one gear, clean lines, simplicity... purity. It's my main vehicle; I ride it to work and back everyday and use it to get around this city for all my needs: groceries, laundry, visiting friends, exploration rides with the cameras etc... I've had this bike for almost 2 years now and it's still runnin' just fine. But I give it some serious loving on a regular basis. Today I spent a couple hours tearing her down, degreasing, cleaning and re-lubing her completely. My hubs are butter smooth, as is my headset and pedals. My chain's tight. Wheels; true. Ready to rock. Below are some shots I took while I worked on my Bianchi today. Enjoy.



denS said...

Still here. Inactive an hibernating.
Adjusting to working days, first time in 13 years. I miss the night. I love having w/ends off.
Lin and I will catch up with you guys for a bike tour of Charm City....

asterisk said...

Lookin' good man. Keep the fixie love.