Jan 13, 2006

At least my morning rides rock.

With everything going on lately, I'm pretty stressed out. I, typically, seem relaxed about things around my friends even though I'm Kirkin' out inside. Sometimes the best thing to do in these situations is to get out and ride. Riding is great for either clearing your thoughts and thinking of nothing, or for analyzing current situations/challenges and forming a game plan.

Luckily for me I have plenty of time on the bike for doing either one of these things. This morning I woke up worried but pedaled through some thick Baltimore fog in cool 47° weather without a care about anything. I'm always happy to be on the bike with wind in my face, my tires hissing along on damp road while I dodge cars, dead rats and pot holes. For 20 minutes each morning and 20 minutes each evening, I'm completely free from everything.


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Doug Anderson said...

Well put - for 20 minutes each morning and each evening...