Dec 28, 2005

Christmas was great!

My egg-nog is gone. My tree has been packed away. There are no twinkling lights in my windows anymore. No, Christmas music bouncing around my four walls. All that’s left of Christmas are a few cookies my mom mailed down to me. You’re the best ma’!

So, here, at long last, is how my Christmas went.

Christmas Eve was spent consuming large quantities of Belgian waffles with strawberries and real maple syrup. I insisted on thick slices of BACON and some whipped cream in a can. (C’mon, it’s Christmas Eve!)

Christmas eve dinner/breakfast
Santa left my girlfriend a shiny new bike!
Santa left me a nice frame job around my favorite bicycle print!
And so then, after opening presents at my girlfriend's place on Christmas morning, we hopped in the car, little Doris too, and drove down to her parent's house for Christmas/Chanukah...
My girlfriend's mother got her Father a beautiful watercolor painting that he really loved.
My girlfriend's sister, Becky, was happy to get her blenderfor Chanukah and showed it off in true "The Price is Right" fassion.

There was no mercy when it came to shreading potatoes to make Latkas...

Oh, and there were plenty of Latkas... so tastey...

The chicken was delicious... so juicy... so tender...
There certainly was no shortage of desserts!

Yes, I had a great Christmas and it was also my first Chanukah experience... good times!

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fireboy said...

Wow!! A $600 reflector with a free bike attached to it!!!