Aug 20, 2014

Packed and ready to go!

As I mentioned before, in a couple of days, I'll be driving up to Lockhaven, PA to meet two of Debbie's brothers for a weekend backpacking trip.  Tonight I finalized my gear.  I laid it all out, and through much scrutinizing, shuffling things about and chucking things over my shoulder, arrived at my final configuration.  My pack weight is an all-time, record-low 17 lbs.  I owe most of the weight savings to a bit of knowledge picked up over the years.  Each time I returned from a trip and unpacked, I'd realized that I packed gear that I never even used.  What I've learned reading online was to keep your main three light.  The main three are your cook system, sleeping system, and your pack. The cook system I use is a homemade beer can stove (1 lb) that runs on denatured alcohol.  My sleeping system is a lightweight down-filled bag (2 lbs), a hammock (16 oz) and a space blanket to use as a shelter from the ran.  My backpack is an ultralight pack called the Virga; made by Granite Gear (1 lb, 3 oz).  The pack is brand new to me and I've never carried it before, so I'm really excited to see how I like it!
Above:  This is the whole shebang.
Above:  Rain jacket, spare clothes, dehydrated meals, fajita wrappers, oatmeal & gatorade packets, Nalgene bottle, first aid kit, map & compass, bug net, head lamp, pocket knife, spork, titanium cooking mug, alcohol stove, denatured alcohol, spare batteries, gaters, GoPro, phone, 4/3s camera and my hat.
Above:  EMS MTN Lite 20° down-filled bag, Eno SInglenest hammock, space blanket, paracord & closed-cell foam sitting pad.
Above:  Fully packed at 17lbs & my trusty Asolo 520's.


Phil said...

Looks like you're ready. Enjoy !!!!

Mike said...

Thanks in sure I will!