Jul 3, 2014

Another year older

I’m 36 years old now. My birthday was last Friday and was celebrated over a long weekend in my very favorite of all places; the Adirondacks. Debbie and I spent a few days at a cabin in Woodgate, just south of Old Forge. We spent the days hiking, swimming and relaxing (when we werent’ getting drilled by black flies). I was really excited to have received a couple of awesome gifts from Debbie. Each deserving of their own blog entry; so more on them later. I will say that she got me the latest Gopro camera, the Hero 3, Black Edition, and it is AWESOME. I cannot wait to use it more. Below is some sample footage I took from the summit of Blue Mountain.

We rounded the trip off with a stop at my folks place for a nice visit. We were able to spend the day with them. My father and I spent a couple of hours at the rifle range. My shoulder is still sore from his 45-70.

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