Mar 9, 2014

Pictures of the day

Nice day today: 43°F, so I threw the bike in the back of the Tacoma, grabbed my GX-1 and cruised in to Westminster.  I wanted to check out a small consist of freight cars that has been parked on the CSX line for several months.  Usually, I find some pretty interesting graffiti tags on railcars.  This wasn't the case today, I wasn't too impressed.  But it was “warm” out and the lighting was good so I decided to have some fun enjoying my two most favorite hobbies; cycling & photography.  I rode down the ballast along the tracks until I reached the cars and then just took my time exploring under the overpass. At one point, while making bike portraits, my bike blew over and the rocky ballast punched a perfect hole in my bar cap; nice.  

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