Jan 8, 2014

Day two of mobile blogging in DC

Like the title says, today is day two of my mobile blogging venture in northwest DC.  My company has sent me downtown for a couple days of training and as such I've packed my mobile set up with me: GX-1 camera, ipad & SD card reader.  It's a decent set up.  I use the photogene app to process my raw images and convert them to jpg.  Then I use my Blogger app to actually write my post, insert the images and publish the blog post.  However, I do loose a lot of creative control using the Blogger app.  The biggest drawback to using the app, in my opinion, is not being able to edit the HTML to resize and position my images in a pleasing way.   Typically, when I blog, I arrange the images much the way I would if they were on display in a gallery (Not that my images of bloody dead squirrels would be drawing the masses for a viewing - well, maybe?!).  But using the Blogger app limits you to stacking images on top of each other.  Although I must give the Blogger app developers a thumbs up for finally allowing more than one image to be inserted in a blog post.  As a photoblogger, that was very frustrating.

As I draft this post, it's 7:30am and I'm sitting on a 4000 series railcar, riding the green line from Greenbelt, down to the Gallery Place Metro station where I'll get off and walk about six blocks to my training center, down F Street in NW DC.  The subway ride is mostly underground so I'm saving this draft to publish when I get top-side.  I'm going to include just one photo in this post.  And let this post serve as a precursor to the photos I will post throughout the day.  The snapshots I'll take on the street on my walk to class.  The architectural photos I'll take during my lunch hour.  Perhaps the subway scenes I'll capture on the way back to the Greenbelt Metro Station.  Stay tuned for a tower of today's images in the following post.

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