Dec 8, 2013


Westminster got hammered with snow today.  "Hammered" means getting 7" of the white stuff.  Typically, we don't get a lot of snow here in Maryland.  When we do, I always enjoy it.  As my Steelers lost to Miami, and the Ravens beat out the Vikings, I sat on the couch sipping a couple of Saranac's Caramel Porters and snapped shots of the winter birds out the window.  I do a pretty good job of keeping the feeders full, although the birds usually drain a full feeder in 2 days.  Even faster when the squirrels get in on the action.  But, I enjoyed kicking back, snapping images of the Nuthatches, Titmouses (mice?), chickadees & cardinals that flittered about the feeders.  I used my Nikon D800 and 300mm Tamron lens, mounted on a tripod with my remote shutter release to capture the images in this post.

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