Dec 19, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone.  "Happy holidays" to those offended by the christian verbiage.  Whatever you believe/feel/think; I hope you enjoy this time of year with the people you love and hold dear.  Life is good in my neck of the woods.  I have been feeling quite merry despite life's efforts to drag me down.  Nevertheless, the tree is up in the living room and the Lionel trains have put in a few miles around it. The bunnies are happy and healthy.  The wood stove has kept our house warm and the companionship I share with Debbie has kept my heart warm and mindset focused. 

I am on vacation for the next week and look forward to sleeping in a few days, hunting quite a bit, and fixing the numerous defunct items around the house.  Hopefully I will be posting up regularly to the old bloggy-blog here, and sharing some of the fun I'm having.  

Oh - "What's with the Krampus?" you ask?  I posted him up, because I'd not heard of him before.  Apparently,  old European lore has it, that the Krampus is Santa Clause' dark counterpart who punishes bad boys and girls (yikes!).  Yeah, hope I never see this guy.  Coincidentally, Surly  makes a singlespeed moutnainbike called the Krampus.  More on this evil guy here:

Merry Christmas! 

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