Nov 24, 2013

Squirrel hunting - Patuxent River State Park

Sometimes squirrel hunting can be more about staying awake than stalking.  Yesterday, I brought Debbie along with me to hunt squirrels at the Patuxent River State Park.  I carried my Ruger Mark III pistol and she used my Winchester '94; both are .22s.  We didn't see anything, perhaps because it was so chilly and windy but we enjoyed sitting out in the woods talking and joking.  We shot a few cans we found laying around and called it a day after only a couple of hours.  At one point, I was so comfortable, I nearly fell asleep.  This wouldn't be the first time this has happened.  I've fallen asleep in the woods quite a few times.  I think its because the forest is the most soothing and peaceful place I can imagine.  The constant rustle of leaves, warm sunshine and contemplation just put me right out.

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