Oct 27, 2013

Muzzleloading - Frederick Watershed

I like to carry this simple compass I picked up in Japan.
Yesterday marked the last day of muzzleloader season here in Maryland. I was in the woods from 7:00am to 11:00am, at the Frederick Watershed.  I took advantage of muzzleloading this year because it got me an extra couple of weeks of hunting. In those two weeks, I got out three times; better than nothing I suppose. Still; no deer! Why is it that I nearly tater deer on the way to and from work, but when I go out early in the morning and hunt in their true habitat, they essential vaporize? Its not like I’m doing anything incredibly wrong. I’m not sitting at the base of a tree playing the harmonica and smoking stogies, hoping something happens by. I’m as quiet as a mouse and careful of my scent. Oh well, what can I say? I have fun out there, attempting to best the cunning and elusive white tail.   We'll see how the regular rifle season goes.   I really do enjoy myself out there and the scenery was beautiful as usual. Temps were in the mid 30’s, but I was quite warm. I picked up a pair of insulated coveralls which are really comfortable and warm. It’s nice not having to wear long johns under my pants with these. Instead, I just wear my pants and when I get to where I’m hunting, I slip on these coveralls. I also snagged a pair of three-finger, military surplus mittens. They’re warm as hell and keep my trigger finger free to move.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Good job Mike. I enjoy reading your hunting posts. You're getting a nice collection built up.

My first ML was a Thompson Center striker fired in-line similar to yours. Black stock and fiber optic open sights. I bought it for white tails but never touched it off in the deer woods. Don't shoot it much anymore since I got into sidelocks.

Good luck in the upcoming rifle season!

Mike said...


Thanks, I'm not in love with the gun, but it's a good starter. In general, I don't care for synthetic stocks at all. I would like to build a nice kit rifle, with a side lock but I'd like to find a good kit, not a $100 kit at Walmart.