Sep 20, 2013

Squirrel hunting - Frederick Watershed

I was lucky enough to get a few hours of hunting in, today, at the Frederick Watershed.  This area is my primary deer hunting area but I always see squirrels here.  I took my Rock Island Armory Mig 22 again because it is just so much fun to shoot, and it's accurate as hell.  About an hour into the hunt, I heard a squirrel barking about 40 yards off of the trail I typically walk.  I stalked in and watched him for a while.  He slowly worked his way down the trunk of the tree and onto the ground where I watched him dig for a bit before squeezing off my first shot.  As luck would have it, he jumped just before I let the shot go and I hit him in the hind quarters.  I had to come in close and finish him with a second shot.  He was still mobile and climbed about 15 feet up a small tree, keeping the tree between him and I.  This is where I came up with an idea I hadn't used before; no matter where I walked, he kept on the other side of the tree.  So after a few moments of circling the tree, I grabbed a stick and tossed it on the other side of the tree.  When he scurried over to my side of the tree I popped him in the head.  One more squirrel for the freezer; this makes four this season already.  Stay tuned for the squirrel feast!  


Tristan Peltier said...

Looks like a pretty serious gun for hunting squirrels.

Mike said...


It's a seriously accurate and well made rifle for sure. Consistent head shots; quick & clean kills are never a problem, which is why the Mig 22 is a great rifle to carry squirrel hunting.