Jul 12, 2013


Geez.  I am just barely blogging these days.  Blogging just isn’t at the top of my priority list these days.  It’s sad actually.  I can remember when I blogged almost daily and really enjoyed doing it.  Now, it seems that I do things and think to myself "I should blog this", but then I don't.  I don’t like the thought of retiring from the blogger community, so I’m just going to have to keep kicking myself in the ass.  Let’s bring this blog up to date:

Domestic front:
This summer’s been one of many home improvement projects.  Debbie and I did a lot of work on the house, to include replacing the entire carport wall and front facial board behind the gutters.  We also cleared out the huge debris pile in the back yard, adjacent to our neighbor’s fence, which took two full weekends of driving waste to the dump (The entire pile was covered in thick, pain-in-the-ass  vines from our neighbor’s yard, which hid an entire rotten log pile and worse; a brick pile).  We also hired contractors to replace our rotten and rickety old deck with a brand new and larger one.  It’s great to sit out on a nice 12’ X 15’ deck and watch the rabbits & squirrels do their thing in the yard.   Next on the list is having the carpet replaced on the upstairs floor.  That will do it for this year.  Next spring we’ll have the driveway re-paved and sealed.

Last weekend we visited my folks in upstate NY.  It was great to see them and walk around my home town one more time.  We even got up in to the Adirondacks for some hiking and swimming which included being trapped in a dive bar during a torrential downpour.  (Good times; some guy was rolling dice at the bar and won $500 bucks; bought the whole house a round  - Thanks stranger!)  Also, my father surprised me with a birthday gift:  A new Winchester,Model 70 featherweight in 30-06.  It’s a fantastic rifle.  He even scoped it for me.  His words:  You won’t miss a buck with this one.”  (You may recall my failure to nail a dear last season).  At any rate; it’s such a wonderful gun. I’ll be taking it to the range to zero it this weekend.  Yeeha! 

Oh, this is terrible.  Sadly, I have almost no news to report on this front.  I have not ridden in ages.  And it shows.  Too many Twinkies.    Although Debbie did buy a really nice bike for herself!  A nice 29er with hydraulic disc brakes, rock shox any everything; it’s sweet!   She and I take tiny rides around the neighborhood in the evenings, but I don’t consider this riding.

Upcoming Events:
My good friend Dave is getting married in a couple of weeks, in NJ and I’ll be  a groomsman.   After that, my other friend Greg is tying the knot in Philly a few weeks later.  Weddings are a blast and I love attending.  We’re also going camping next weekend up in Elmira, NY.  Plans are to camp for the weekend and visit Debbie’s old stomping grounds as well as pay our respects at her father’s grave.

That’s about all she (he/me) wrote. 

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