May 21, 2013

Back in the saddle again (ouch)

I'm tipping the scales at a hefty 215lbs these days; my all time record high.  It appears that my strictly regimented diet of beef jerky and hoppy ales is not conducive to staying light in the pedals (not to be confused with being light in the loafers).  Albeit, a considerable amount of loafing has brought me to my current status.  So, I've committed myself to some type of physical activity each day, after work, be it running or riding etc.  Additionally, I will slather not two, but one modest helping of light mayo on my sandwiches moving forward; and of course, make similarly responsible dietary choices.  End goal weight:  190lbs.

Last night I put in my first 15 miles of the year.  My poor road bike actually had a thick layer of dust & ash (from the wood stove) which billowed up before my eyes upon blowing it off the top tube.  *poof*  I lubed it up, aired it up, and carried it up stairs and out into the evening sun for a reunion ride.  The Attendees:  My ass & my ancient saddle, which has a Rockwell hardness value of at least a billion.  Still, my pace was decent (14.5mph) and I enjoyed an hour of quiet riding through the countryside.  Stats from Endomondo are as follows.


Anonymous said...

I think all cyclist have a few "down times" each year. Weather, holidays and life in general just get in the way, and only a very select few are able to succeed an uninterrupted program.

Glad to see you back and posting again and keep on peddling.

Jay in TX

Mike said...

You're right Jay. Not everyone gets to ride as much as they wish; and we all get stuck in ruts (pun intended) from time to time. \