Oct 7, 2012

New Blogger interface - thumbs down

If you're a blogger like me, and you use Blogger to publish your personal jibberish on the world wide web, then you may be upset about Blogger's new interface. Yes, Blogger has warned us for the past year or so, that a new version was coming and they even offered the switch-over numerous times before it became mandatory. 

The new interface is handy for formatting text and linking within your blog posts but where it falls short is in it's picture embedding. If you rarely post images, you may not care. But if you're a photographer or really like adding pictures to your posts, you may find picture formatting options limited, and a real pain in the ass in general. 

I've been editing the html of my posts for the last few years. Blogger never allowed me to lay out my images the way I wanted to and so I had to go in and edit the code myself. Blogger's new interface claims to make picture layouts even easier, but I find it a whole lot more difficult. So, I decided to share with you, some very basic code which will allow anyone with even the slightest bit of coding know-how, to lay out their images the way they want.

Simply click here to download the code needed to layout your images as shown below. Open the file using Wordpad, Microsoft Word, or any text reader.  Then simply copy & paste the code into the html view of your blog post.  Depending on the width of your blog (the blog content width of my blog is 800 pixels wide) you may need to resize your images smaller etc.  Just keep the height & width of your images proportionate.  Hope this helps!

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