Sep 19, 2012

Schaeffer & stuff

Yowza I've been busy lately. I suppose, I have been, as they say, busier than a one-armed paper-hanger. With what, you ask? Life, in general. In the last week, I changed the blades on the riding mower, mowed, trimmed the trees, cleaned out the car port (took a load to the dump) and pulled out the stakes from the horse shoe pits (after gouging my left shin on one). I also went to the Maryland Wine Festival this past Saturday. I drank plenty of tasty wines, though I found that an ice cold Pepsi paired best with the pit beef sandwich I ate while I was there. But Sunday I actually got a ride in on the mountain bike. I met Damien and rode 14 miles of singletrack at Seneca Creak Park. Good times! It was a nice & easy ride with a few stops to take in the sights and chit chat. As usual, we ended up at the Dogfish Head Alehouse after the ride. Not one for Oktoberfest beers, I was shocked that I truly did enjoy their Punkin Ale. The images in this blog post were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

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