Sep 1, 2012

New Camera: Nikon D800

I bought a D800, Nikon's best pro-sumer camera and the highest resolution DSLR on the market today. Typically I try not to look at new equipment in the world of photography. It only makes me want it. Still, I have had my D700 for three years and with the number of significantly brilliant and fun features Nikon has incorporated into this camera, I felt it was time. The D800 is, in a word: phenomenal. Some of the things which nudged me to buy were: high definition video capability, a 36.3 megapixel full frame sensor, and even more increased light sensitivity. DSLR's are only getting better and better and I know that in a few months, the D800 may be topped by another camera out there, but I am so glad I picked it up. I'll be using this one for quite a few years. I seem to buy a DSLR every 3 years. My history with these DSLRs gone like this: D70, D1, D80, D700.

The camera arrived Thursday night. So on Friday morning I took it to work with me and stopped to shoot some water towers in the morning light. A nice dense fog lingered and I soaked my shoes and pants in the morning dew while I snapped away in awe. I used my Tamron 28-300 for the shots below. The composition is not the best, but I wanted to get some images up on the blog here. These were shot around 6:10am. Processing was done in Adobe Light Room 4.


Mark Roberts said...

Nice! Lucky man. I'm still waiting to get one.

Mike said...

Mark you'll love it. I don't know what you're shooting with now, but it's got a ton of great features. If the weather holds off, I'm going to shoot some time lapse action tonight!