Jul 11, 2012

Damn kids

On top of being up all night spewing from both ends of my body (I will not be ordering the bacon-wrapped scallops from Maggie's again anytime soon), I was bummed to find my jeep ransacked this morning. Apparently, even when you live way out in the sticks, like me, you are subject to juvenile delinquents. I guess I'll be locking the doors of my jeep from now on. They made off with my nice Oakleys, a cheap pair of mirror shades and my ear buds. Thank you my little neighborhood hellions. I truly wish ill fate upon you. What I can't understand is why they didn't take the other items kicking around in my truck. Here's a list of the goodies they chose not to take:
  • My tool bag which was sitting on the floor in front of the passenger's seat which is loaded with a complete set of Snap on tools and other goodies
  • My fly rod, Velcro strapped to the inside roll bar & my box of dry flies
  • The small duffel behind the seat which has an entire change of clothes, sneakers and a really nice Marbles sheathe knife.
  • the 2 USB sticks which are chock full o' MP3's

When I was a kid, I did some bad things, but I never stole from people. If I had to name the worse thing that I did when I was a kid, it was probably skipping school with my buddy, stealing my parents car and heading off for a day of mountain biking at Highland Forest (though we did do this several times).


The Oakleys will be missed. They were a pair of Jawbones which fit really great and wrapped nicely around my noggin. I overpaid ($300) for them at the Charlotte Airport last year and even splurged and spent an extra $55 for a set of yellow lenses for riding in the woods. They were the first "real" glasses I've ever bought and I swore I'd take care of them and have them forever; I never even scratched them!

Damn kids.

So, today I picked up a pair of glasses (those "copper" specs shown above) for everyday use and driving. I bought a pair of Smith Serpico's from REI for $90 and they're great. They have a nice wrap to them and feel really well made. They're perfectly symmetrical and don't slip down on my nose. These won't cut the mustard for mountain biking though, so I'll probably order another pair of Jawbones online, since I really liked them and I have the yellow lenses kicking around anyway.

Life goes on. Watch the scallops.


Wayward Son said...

I hate it when that happens. Just watch for the shades around town though...some local talent will surely have to wear them out and about or try to push 'em off on Craigslist.

You might not prove it but you'll know and they'll know you know.

Seinberg said...

Damn kids!

"I never stole from anybody..."

"The worst thing I did was steal my parents' car..."


Mike said...

Good point Seinberg! haha