Apr 10, 2012

Windy training ride - 15 miles

Super windy day here in Westminster, MD, but I need to get some miles in this week in preparation for the Michaux Trail Cup cross country endurance race this weekend. I'm still not sure whether I'll register for the 25 or the 50 mile version of this race. It will be my first race in over 5 years and the sensible rider inside me says woah now, take it easy tiger. You're just baaarely in shape! But the burly, hairy chested, quads-o-fire Guy inside me says You want that pain; you neeeeed that pain! Quads-o-fire Guy is a jackass. I will have to see how froggy I'm feeling in the next day or so. I've got a few more days to register. Regardless, today's ride was a good one, albeit short. I meandered here and there around my neck of the woods and passed three other LSV riders, though I don't know who they were (See meandering image below). I've gone and hyped up today's ride (in my mind) by Photoshopping a glorious 15 on to today's post-ride image for my own personal and necessary confidence boosting. Must... ride... more... I don't want to get shelled by a bunch of beginners at my first race.

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Wayward Son said...

I feel your pain. I may just kill that burning-quad idiot after he led me astray yet again. Evidence of stupidity below:


Good luck with the race!