Feb 7, 2012

A night in Kobe

Last night I went out for dinner at the same little restaurant I ate at the night before. And again, I ordered almost the same thing. The sushi here is just THAT good. It was a dark and rainy night and I had a great time with my street photography. The paper lanterns are so photogenic... I also popped into an arcade (there are many of them and they're all over the place) and snapped a few shots of the games people were playing. On a wall above some of the games were the words: You forget your daily life with the powerful charm of a game. Before heading back to my room I popped into a bar and had an Asahi beer. The funny thing about being here is that the locals treat you like a rock star: "Ohhhh... American?? Ahhh!!!" they are even more excited when you tell them you're from New York. One guy I talked to for quite a while was very proud of his wrist band that read: I heart boobies! and he posed for a picture. Time to head back out with my two coworkers who just arrived from New York themselves... They want sushi. I think I know a place where I can take them...


Hendrik Morkel said...

I really enjoyed reading (stalking =), and looking at the photos, of your Japan trip. And the layout of this post is superb, very well done! And to know that it was done with a GF2 and an iPad is even cooler!

phattire said...


Thanks for the kind words. Japan was amazing. And also thanks for the comments on the layout of the blog. I have put more and more effort into making it nice and clean in the last year.

Thanks for reading!