Jan 30, 2012

I heart chicken

Today was fantastic. Though I woke up quite early, I was well rested and had a lot of energy today. I was excited to see Kobe in the daylight. The bathroom in my hotel room has a nice deep bath tub, so I took a really relaxing hot bath this morning. Baths are a new favorite luxury I've been taking advantage of on business trips (See my Haven't had a bath in 22 years post). Today's bath was great because there's this fabulous mid-70's James Bond style golden radio console between the two twin beds in my room and it plays music in the room as well as through a speaker in the bathroom. Might I add that this console also has a really suave rheostat for dimming the lights as well as a drapery control switch! With the push of a button I can open my drapes wide to see the view pictured below. Oh, it's going to be a rough to weeks here... ahem.

I sauntered downstairs at 7:30 and enjoyed a killer breakfast. I tried a few strange looking things but didn't go too wild trying any of the sea weed and/or sea creature breakfast 'goodies'. I did try a "local specialty" which looked like a macaroon cookie, had the consistency of a wet sponge, and tasted like french toast yet had a surprising chunk of pork in the center. It may sound a bit odd, but it was pretty awesome. I ate two. An attempt at a third spurred mild feelings of nausea/queasiness. I tried! I did enjoy what they called french toast but tasted more like flan, as well as bacon and a few glasses of some mighty fine orenji jussu and a stellar cup of strong and flavorful coffee.

A bus picked us up from the hotel at 9:00 and we arrived at Kawasaki Heavy Industries by 9:20. I spent the day with my Japanese counterparts which was really interesting. I got to see the production areas and status of the very first rail car being built and it was really interesting to see the construction and the enormous weld fixtures used. I love my job. It was also really great to put a face to some of the names I've been corresponding with for the last four years.

I finished up at 5:30 and headed back to the hotel with everyone in our group. At 6:00 we met in the hotel lobby and went out to dinner at a Brazilian Steak House. Holy cow (pun intended)! If you've never been to one of these places and you love eating animals, like me, I suggest you go. There's a little wooden peg on your table. One end is colored green; the other is red. You keep the green side up if you want them to keep bringing you various cuts of beef. When you're stuffed, "groundhogging", or "touching cloth", you flip it so the red side is up. They just keep bringing you giant skewers of beef and slice pieces onto your plate. They even brought a skewer of chicken hearts... and let me tell you: I heart chickens. I heart them big time! Specifically, their delicious little organs!

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and I took some long exposures with my mini-tripod. I love the big "Kobe Port" tower which stands tall and glowing orange just a couple hundred yards from my hotel.

Today was a good day.

Above Left: Kobe at 8:30am. Above Right: Kobe at 8:30am.
Above Left: The wheels on the bus go round and round. Above Right: Scale model display at KHI.

Above Left: Scale model of the Kawasaki M8 Car. Above right: Old scale model.
Above Left: We're in the army now. Above Right: I love that KHI uses bicycles to get around their enormous facility.
Above Left: Dinner at the Brazilian Steak House. Above Right: Just look at all that meat!
Above Left: The peg of glory. Above Middle: Me. Above Right: The Kobe Port Tower (the tall building to the left is my hotel).

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