Sep 13, 2011

SS cyclocross bike 4 sale

Of all of the not-so-bright things I've done in my life, ordering the wrong sized bike could be one of the worst. I say this because I am well aware of the fact that I ride a 59cm frame. But, last week I ordered & received a 58cm Motobecane singlespeed cross bike. I have no idea how I picked "58" from the drop down menu when I ordered it but oh well. Its a beautiful bike and I took my time setting up right. But, after one quick burn around the neighborhood I knew that this frame was too small. Rather than return the bike and rather than try to make the bike fit me I threw it up for sale on Craiglist. I'm asking $700 and I think she'll go pretty fast. This bike can be ridden as a fixed gear or with the freewheel. 16T cogs live on both side of the flip-flop hub.

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