Aug 18, 2011

Video from the Catskills trip

I was finally able to get this footage together and uploaded to Vimeo. Below is a video from last weekend's hike at Hunter Mountain in the Catskills. I chose not to add a sound track to this and instead let it serve as a virtual hike right here on the interweb. This footage was taken with my Canon S90 and edited with Windows Live Movie Maker.


GTS said...

Dude! Cool... really cool!

phattire said...

Thanks GTS hope alls well!

GTS said...

It is just crazy busy... many, many projects going at once... trying to get things up to speed for the company... you start one and you find a new hole that has to be filled... my white board screams at me every time I add to it... but, it keeps things lively and makes the day move at a quick pace... I hope to finally hit the trails again come October... maybe then I'll have something to blog about... till than thanks for your trail spots... 8-)