Aug 29, 2011

Mustache bars

I picked up a no-name aluminum mustache bar from Mod Squad Cycles in Harlem today. I was actually looking for a Jeff Jones style Hbar or a set of Mary bars for my singlespeed mountainbike but ended up throwing these bars on a few blocks from the bike shop and really like the way they feel on the fixed gear.

They're much wider than my old sawed-off riser and they also position my hands a good two or three inches farther forward; changing my riding position a bit, but it feels really comfortable. I have the bars flipped upwards which puts me in a slightly more upright position and yet still feels aggressive and comfortable for applying a lot of torque in a sprint. I was able to chug right up Broadway coming north under the bridge at 125th.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Interesting setup although I liked the drops you had on the Pista a while back the best. I've thought about the Hbar myself for a while now. I would put it on my ti-commuter.

I love tweaking and swapping parts on my bikes. Sometimes the results are so-so and other times it can make a huge improvement. I always encourage experimentation.

phattire said...

The mustache bar is incredibly comfortable. With the ends of the handlebar pointing, roughly, at my rear axle the hand position is really great. Oury grips add to this. I highly recommend slapping a pair on your SS mountainbike sometime; you'll be amazed :]