Nov 19, 2010

Riding with turkeys

For the last three years, Kawasaki Rail Car has handed out turkeys to its employees. They're big birds; tasty albeit chock full o' steroids and hormones. Seeing as how we'll have close to 15 people in the apartment for thanksgiving, I took an extra turkey that a coworker offered me. Having ridden in to work today, it was all I could do to fit the two 20 lb frozen turkeys in my bag. I was actually worried about my wheelset giving out. I run a pair of Mavic Cosmos on my road bike and was especially watchful for pot holes and other debris. I weigh 200 lbs; 240 lbs when I ride with turkeys. Luckily I was stopping by my father in-laws place to fix a computer problem for him. He took one of the birds off my hands which felt great. On the way home I stopped on the Broadway Bridge and snapped the shot you see here. It's been a hell of a week. I'm ready for the weekend.

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