Nov 11, 2010

The call of the wild

Every time I drink from my backpacking mug, here at work, I miss the wild. Lately I've been wanting to spend all of my time in the wilderness. Ever since my hike along the Burroughs Range Trail, I've been jonesin' to get back out there. There is a very real, very profound connection with nature that I wholly feel when I am in the woods. I miss it. Getting a taste of it now and then just seems to make me want it more. That being said; I want to enjoy some winter trekking this season. Do some overnights and possibly a multi-day trek. I want to brave the cold, test my mettle, and use my skills to survive in the woods like I used to do as a kid. Man, I used to love it! I pictured myself living like Jeremiah Johnson one day (minus all the indian killing of course). Now look at me; working in a cubicle here in NY, dreaming of the getting away - what happened? It's been a good 15 years since I've actually slept in the snow, but I'm ready for it. I have nearly all the gear to get back out there and do it except for one thing; a winter sleeping bag. My current bag is an ultralight summer bag that packs down to the size of a 2 liter soda bottle but is only rated to around 40 degrees F. That's not going to cut the mustard. I wish Santa read this blog.

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