Oct 10, 2010


I haven't had time to blog lately as I've been pretty damn busy. I spent last week in Pittsburgh on business and tomorrow I fly to Dallas for the week. I hope to have some time in the lone star state to get out and about with the camera. I don't really know what to expect in Texas. I've never been there before so I'm going on my only preconceived notion that everything is big. We shall see. Being in Pittsburgh was a lot of fun for me. I hadn't been there since I went to school there in 1998. I was happy to see the old familiar spots in Oakland (Primanti Brother's and The O) but this time I wasn't in the least bit interested in eating anything that they serve! I would love to go back again for pleasure and take in the museums, visit Mount Washington and photograph the numerous bridges.

Flying in to LaGuardia Airport I snapped this picture of lower Manhattan, from the window of the plane. I love NY.

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