Oct 27, 2010

Chris & Alexandra

My friends Chris and Alexandra are getting married next summer. Chris is a good friend of mine, we were once co-workers and we often boulder and climb together, pushing each other to clean tough sections of wall. He asked if I would take a few photos of them to use for a save-the-date magnet and I was happy to oblige. I always want to take portraits of people, even though its a bit outside of my comfort zone. Most of my street photography consists, quite literally, of "stolen moments", where the subject has no idea that I took their picture. While this approach is fine, I often wish that I could stop the person and ask them to stare into my lens for a moment. As a photographer, making portraits is truly gratifying. It's a chance to capture a hyper-accurate likeness of a person without error. Time is taken to compose, frame, light and expose the person in a most precise way. Working with Chris and Alexandra last night was a lot of fun, for exactly this reason. We strolled around the southern end of Central Park and I managed to take a few pleasing images like the one above, though overcast skies and fading evening light rushed us a bit. I think we'll be meeting again to play around in the park when there is more light.

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