Sep 18, 2010

Capped at Cunningham Park

Today I took my 1X9 out to Jamaica, Queens to ride the excellent singletrack at Cunningham Park. It takes me an hour and forty-five minutes to get there by subway but it's well worth the journey. The trails at Cunningham are very flat but the twisty, flowing singletrack more than makes up for any lack in elevation gain. It's the ideal spot for a singlespeed. I loved ripping it up on my Cannondale. Although, I took a few dives over the bars today. The most noteworthy came at the beginning of my ride, just after completing a tough skinny. I had ridden the long (skinny) it's full length, only to crash while using the "off ramp" at the end of the log. My knees smashed hard on the rocks leaving me on the ground rocking in agony. I felt like I'd been "capped" by the mafia. I decided to keep my knees moving and pedaled on. I did take a few clips of video and I plan to turn them into a really short fun video. If I get it done tomorrow I'll be sure to post it up on the blog here. For now, here are a couple of images from today's awesome ride. I reeled in 14 miles. Ten of which, were singletrack. Click the screen shot at right to take a look at the ride details.

Above: My Cannondale F1 in front of an Alstom built, R160 Car (selectively desaturated).

Above: I love this section of Cunningham. So lush!

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