Aug 9, 2010

NYC tilt-shift time lapse video

I'm inspired. The video below was featured over at John Nack's Adobe Blog this past weekend. Sam O'Hare created the video from over 35,000 still shots captured using a Nikon D3 and D80 with a 24mm tilt-shift lens. For an interview with the artist click here.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Wow- pretty much speechless after watching that. Looks like a model railroad layout.

The dragonfly pic from Saturday's post- Stunning!

Michael O'Hara said...

Yeah, tilt-shift is some fun stuff. I've been playing with time lapse video lately; I'm tempted to try to make a tilt-shift time lapse video myself.

Guge said...

very cool. I always have been interested in time lapse. It seems that I don't have the time. Luckily I have found time to ride again. Now I need to learn more about fixing my ride.

Michael O'Hara said...


Don't forget to use Park Tools' Website for help with your bike maintenance. They have very detailed instructions on how to adjust/repair just about everything:

I also made some maintenance guides and posted them on my site here: