Jul 12, 2010

More miles under my tires

Yesterday I went back to Sprain Ridge and put the knobbies to the singletrack again. I got there late in the afternoon, around 1:30 and it was hot but not unbearable like it has been lately. Fortunately, a lot of the trail network at Sprain Ridge is covered by a dense canopy.

Aside from riding every trail I could, my other goal was to test my prototype Grapefruit Spoon Chain Guide. As it turns out, my "backyard rocket-science" did not prove to be completely successful. I dropped my chain about ten times during my 3 hour ride. Each time my chain dropped, was equally frustrating. I fiddled with the device and adjusted the height countless times before just giving up. I see a new purchase in the near future.

On the plus side, I did take a lot of video with my 3GS. I'm going to splice it together tomorrow night and see if I can post up a little vimeo action for ya'll. Stay tuned.


NYC taxi photo said...

I wasn't sure if you'd check back on my comments back, but i realized that i had a picture from 1998 of the first ford explorer taxi, with all those stickers on it!!! the medallion number matches, it was the same driver!!


no doubt this guy obviously owns his medallion and taxi, and having owned the medallion for some time now, he can afford to spend the cash on a lexus.

Michael O'Hara said...

Nice. Must be nice to roll around in a Lex all day!


ghrency said...
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