Jun 14, 2010

Fat Tire Festival report

I came home from the Fat Tire Festival at Blue Mountain Reservation yesterday evening, so exhausted that I didn't have the mental stamina to throw up a proper blog entry. So here I am tonight, fully recovered and missing the super technical, adrenaline packed trails of yesterday. I used to think that Sprain Ridge Park was home to my favorite trails down here near the big apple, but now I'm convinced that Blue Mountain takes the cake. The trails are so chock full o' jagged rocks that you have to kick the rear end of the bike around and swing your hips through sections of trail. The closest thing that I can compare it to is swooshing through moguls. in some areas I found myself gapping small sections of baby-heads. Some of the decents are so steep and twisty that I found myself grabbing the front brake and swinging the rear end of the bike around to place it in a better position to complete the problem area. I love this kind of riding. There were also plenty of rollers to fly down.
I owe so much to the group of riders I bumped into on the trails. A really nice group of six riders from Connecticut. They let me latch on to their group and took me on two long rides through the park. Above is the route we took. At the end of the day I had 17 miles under my wheels, a bruised left arm from hugging a tree and some intense blisters on my hands from rock climbing on Friday and squeezing the bajeezus out of my brake levers all day. I have a feeling I'll be hooking up with them in the future for some more aggressive riding.


ghrency said...
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RL said...

hahaha, that was a good experience, how I wish I could go there and take a ride!