Jun 3, 2010

Adaptation in the streets

I get a kick out of delivery bikers here in the city. I always wonder how much love they have for their bikes. Do they love their bike as much as I do mine? I can tell you from experience that your work bike is something you don't neglect or take for granted. Your livelihood depends on the care and maintenance your give to it. I enjoy seeing work bikes that have been altered for optimal street use. The chopped bars below, while not anything I haven't seen before, still made me grin approvingly the same way seeing road cranks with massive chainrings on a beat up mountain bike does. There is an adaptation that occurs to bikes on the city. Quick release levers are hose clamped shut to deter theft. Slick tires are mounted to rims. Frames are wrapped in cardboard, inner tubes and tape to help resist chipping paint from frames and in some cases protect the identity of a beautiful (and valuable) bicycle. I have even seen carbon fiber wheelsets, XTR components and titanium hardware on some bikes.

The bike below was nothing special. It was not a high end racing machine. It didn't have any light weight Gucci parts. Whoever the Evil Kineval is out there who chopped his bars narrow enough to split the wickets between yellow cabs in order to deliver someone's tofu pad thai; I salute you!

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Location:96th & Amsterdam, new York, NY

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