May 27, 2010

In stitches

Last night, after returning from a short run, with plans of making a deliciously fattening quatro fromagio pizza; disaster struck. While washing a small juice glass I heard a "pop" and lost my grip on the glass. looking down I noticed a huge flap of skin hanging from my right pointer finger. Oh, and there was blood. A lot of blood. Then my mind switched into what I call Boy Scout mode: Apply pressure and elevate the wound! I grabbed the dish towel and wrapped my finger. In less than 60 seconds I had grabbed my wallet, keys, phone and was out the door. I got a lot of concerned looks as I walked to the train station at 190th Street, on the train, and while walking from 207th street to the Emergency Room at 219th street. I wondered what everyone thought and what I could say if someone asked me what had happened... "knife fight"... "fought some thugs in the park"... something good; something better than "I was washing a juice glass...".

Once I got to the Emergency Room I had to wait about 45 minutes. During that time they called me into a triage room and replaced my dish towel with a proper temporary bandage. When I was called in to be sewn up I was pleased to see the same doctor who had handled my broken elbows a little less than a year ago. We had a short laugh and then she got to work, pumping my finger full of lidocaine and probing around inside for loose pieces of glass and damaged tendons. I was all set to be stitched and so she began. I've posted the "disgusting video" below for you all to enjoy. I wound up with 6 stitches which I'll take out in about five days.

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