Feb 9, 2010


While Kawasaki Rail Car is currently building PA-5 Cars for PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson), I am more partial to the old PA-1's. (shown at left) St.Luis Car Company built 162 of these for NJ Transit in 1966. Sure, they're not nearly as efficient, as quiet, as well constructed or even have as many doors as the cars produced by Kawasaki, but they do have a very "Starwars" feel to them. (which goes a long way in my book) The linear exterior trim and boxy shape is aesthetically attractive to me.

I took this picture last Saturday evening on my way home from Jersey City with a friend.

In other news: Get ready for some major accumulation tomorrow. The weather gods are calling for a couple of feet of snow here in NYC. Can't wait to get out and about in it, with the camera.

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