Nov 17, 2009

Holy Rusty BB Batman!

Wow. So today (day 2 of being sick at home) I made a guide for replacing bottom bracket cartridges. I like the way it came out. Have a look for yourself.

I've been meaning to replace the BB in my fixed gear for a really long time now. I knew it was going to be rusty; I've heard the sound of rusty debris jingling around inside of the frame each time I took the bike down from its hook.

This is how much rust was actually in there: (what's in my hand was only a fraction of it all)

Funny (but not) right? But, perhaps more worthy of snickering is my "inovative" solution to removing cranks by using the wrong tool. My splined drive cranks require the crank extractor tool with the larger sized head than the standard one used for square tapered cranks. Without this tool there's nothing for the extractor to push against. I decided to drop a couple of dimes down inside the crank arm and let the crank extractor push against them... it worked! (like a charm I might add) Only cost me $.20 per crank arm!

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