Nov 13, 2009

2010 Cannondale F1

I'm doing my best to be patient until I get my 2010 Cannondale F1. This will be my first Cannondale. I was never a fan of them in the past. In all my XC racing I steered clear of them; even turned my nose to the sky when I saw them. I felt they were trendy, weak because of the sanded welds, and their extended chain stays at the rear drop outs (on really old ones) just looked ghastly to me.

But now that I'm back in the mtb scene (and loving it) my addiction has resurfaced. I'm, once again, reading every moutainbike magazine, website and message board and getting filthy dirty on the weekends. My lovely blinglespeed which brought the passion back into my life has made me want more. By more I mean: Gears and suspension! My elbows will thank me.

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