Jul 10, 2009

My Achin' Bones

One cool thing about Radiology Departments today is the digital x-ray machines. I was able to request a CD of all images taken of my elbows and wrist. I'm glad they included the wrist x-rays because I hadn't seen the screw holding my large scaphoid bone together (doored by car in Balitmore, 2005). The elbows are feeling quite stiff today; I'm not enjoying the constant dull ache, but look forward to a full recovery. Gotta' stay positive.


dlowe said...

sorry to hear about your crash, one day I would like to ride with you. cheers.

Michael O'Hara said...

Anytime. Come on over to NY and I'll show you the trails in Queens or we'll take a trip up to Peekskill and ride at Blue Mountain Reservation.