Jun 21, 2009

Boy Scout

I saw this character and his dog crossing 32nd Street this afternoon. He reminded me of one of my parent's nativity scene figurines; the shepherd who carries a lamb draped over his shoulders. I knelt down and snapped a few quick photos of him and his little friend and on the last shutter release, he looked over and smiled at me. I got up smiling and said "take care" as my wife and I made our way down the 7th Avenue.

I didn't realize until I got home, that he and his dog were not alone. I noticed the woman standing next to him and that, like a gentlemen, he had given her his arm. Perhaps he was carrying her blue bag as well? Is it his mother? His girlfriend? A random stranger?

He's just another particle in the construct of this great city, like his shirt says: NEW YORK FUCKIN' CITY!


John Jr. said...

There are so many ways to capture a shred of the coincident beauty and weirdness of New York City. And here you have found one of them.

Jeff LaSala said...

Cool that you have the guts to take pictures of random people. On the streets of NY, no less. Wearing a t-shirt like that, no less!

But really, I just love the dog's face in this shot.

Michael O'Hara said...

Thanks, I'm getting bolder and bolder these days. There are just too many interesting cats to pass by.