May 16, 2009

Cunningham Park - Jamaica, Queens

I was up and at em' this morning to met a buddy in Jamaica at 8:45. Only took me 1:15 from phattire headquarters in uptown Manhattan. Lots of transfers (A Train to the D; to the E; to the F) but the pay off was incredible. I devoured the tastiest singletrack I've ridden in over 5 years.

Cunningham consists two main loops divided by the Clearview Expressway. Each loop has technical off-shoots of varying difficulty throughout; all aptly named like “Thrilla”, “Ankle Biter” and “Viper”. My friend Alex and I hit every trail at least twice including a few sessions at the dirt jumps which are insanely fun. Download a map of Cunningham here.

The weather was perfect. A few sprinkles here and there, but the overcast sky kept the sun from frying us. Couldn't have asked for better conditions really. The moisture softened the earth and gave it a tacky feel, although roots and rocks became a touch slippery.

Just as we were finishing our last jaunt through the “Iguana” trail, Alex landed a jump a little wonky and crashed into the underbrush. Turns out; he snapped his carbon fiber seat post. (Bummer!) Despite the broken seat post, the entire day was a blast. We rode for 4 hours and I'm looking forward to riding those trails again as soon as possible.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

I have the same seatpost! One of the bolts was loose and I lost a few pieces during a cross race! Does your friend still have the top part and could mail me the bolt & clamp pieces?