Feb 11, 2009


photo by Ron Schramm
I'm off to Chicago this morning, where I'll rendezvous with my father in law, Peter, and drive down to Springfield. We're headed to the Lincoln Bicentennial. I've been looking forward to this trip for a while now here are a few things we will probably do:
  • Visit Lincoln's tomb
  • Attend a symposium (topic: The Age of Lincoln)
  • Attend the Abraham Lincoln Association Banquet
  • Check out the Photo Exhibit Lincoln in Illinois by Ron Schramm (the image above is his)
  • Listen to a couple of lectures
I'm sure I'll learn a ton about the man and Peter and I will undoubtedly get into some sort of adventure along the way. I'm on a quest for some Lincoln-esque cheesy-ness in Springfield: Like an Emancipation Omelet at the local greasy spoon. We'll see. Pictures for sure.

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