Feb 21, 2009

Evening light

I usually enter abandoned sites early in the morning. However, I dilly-dallied today and didn't get out of the house until mid afternoon. Electing not to be weighed down by my cumbersome tripod I took only a flashlight and my 24mm & 50mm prime lenses.

I was standing inside of the Glenwood Power Plant by 3:00 and was taken aback by the difference in the lighting. The evening light reflected off of the Hudson River and shimmered on the walls, beams and ceiling about which I meandered with my camera.

The familiar plant had taken on an entirely new air and I quickly found myself transfixed in “the zone” as my friend and I call it - satisfyingly engorged in photographic concentration.

I moved about as though I were a camera myself... adjusting for exposure, angle, depth of field and composition nearly everywhere my eyes focused. Here are a few images from this evening's venture into one forgotten land of beautiful decay.

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