Jan 24, 2009

Nikon D700

Here's the first image I'll post on the web, taken with my new Nikon D700. My wirey friend here lives in the Rosewood Psychiatric Center in Owings Mills, MD.

I hopped on a bus, Friday after work and cruised down to Baltimore to embark on another photo venture with my dear friend Mr.Seinberg. We spent last night catching up on life over a couple ales and the installation of a new 320GB hard drive in my lap top. (and toying with our new machines - Mr. S got himself the new Canon 5D Mark II)

This morning we were up and at em' and inside the Rosewood facility shooting away. This is the first time I've had my new Nikon at an abandoned site and I could not get over the improvements the camera has as compared to my previous machine (Nikon D80). The light sensitivity of this new camera is unbelievable! I was shooting at ISO settings around 3200 - 6400 with no problems! Although the picture posted above was shot on tripod at ISO 100.

Here is the original file (~5MB in size)

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